Rogue Reader- Honkus Posing Danger to Wood Gas Community

He has made changes to the gasifier design that could result in carbon monoxide exposure & not taking responsibility for the liability of his commercial operation

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These are my points of concern with Mr. Honkus/OffGrid48

1- POINT OF FAILURE. I see a specific threat from one of his modifications to the machine in the hot gas exit seal. It looks like Silicone gasket and the max temperature for that material is 450F/232C. The gas in the machine under engine load is likely to exceed that at some point. If breached it could leak hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This creates a big danger for an unsuspecting new user and huge liability for him and our industry.

2- NO INDEMNITY. He has stated he is working from the book. The book has terms that you agree to "hold harmless and indemnify the author and his business." It also says “for educational purposes only.” When asked for indemnity insurance or a surety bond Mr. Honkus has been dead silent and won’t respond. 


OffGrid48 is putting out machines with no nameplate & no warning labels. This is a violation of Federal law under the Consumer Product Safety Act. 

This lack of markings confuses the marketplace. And OffGrid48 is not taking responsibility for their work and liability.

3- INADEQUATE USER EXPERIENCE. He clearly isn’t using the machine to make wood gas often and rarely running engines. When challenged to produce even 100 hours of usage he again has been silent. He doesn't run an array of engines. He doesn't test wood species. He hasn't converted a vehicle. He doesn't use a machine that he is selling commercially in a way that his customers expect to use it.

4- COMMERCIAL INTENT. We are a hobby DIY wood gas user community. This isn’t the franchise expo. Mr. Honkus is operating without a commercial license and my consent was removed earlier this year when I could tell that he doesn't have even DIY skill and yet he is pursuing commercial gasifier manufacturing.

5- COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. He has stolen photos from my site to use in commerce, misleading people from search results who could believe that they are his works. Fraudulently advertising gasifier/engine combinations that he doesn't deliver. This misleading marketing has been going on for quite a long time I discovered using the archive. The FTC was notified on 5/23/2022.

6- RECKLESS BEHAVIOR. His shoddy design “improvements” are a danger to customers. He is a danger to the community as a whole by not using what he sells.

7- WITHOUT HONOR. I have asked him repeatedly this year to come into honor. He has ignored my concerns and plowed ahead at twice the speed in response. I have given him every opportunity to make things right and he simply won’t. He and his wife have instead threatened me with a slander lawsuit and said I was trying to extort them and they had contacted law enforcement, but provided no case number.