Woodgas Crash Course #5 of 7

Welcome to #5 in the Woodgas Crash Course. Wood gasifiers require properly dried and sized wood. In this video we will cover several of the most common ways people make woodgas feedstock for their hungry downdraft wood gasifiers. The easiest and most cost effective way to get chunks is with a table saw. For chips, it may be sifting tree service waste to get the chunkier stuff out and leaving the fines for compost.

Or you could fabricate something big and scary with lot’s of power! Just watch, and you’ll see for yourself.

In the next video we shine a light on the 20 most common problems that new builders and gasifier users encounter. If you are making these mistakes then you aren’t going to get good results and in fact you could even gum up your engine.

Be sure to get your copy of the Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible today so these problems won’t stop your project cold.

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