Summer 2017 Newsletter

Mustang Update

Check out the test fire of the carbon water reactor I’m using in the Mustang.

I love everything about this gasifier except the weight. It’s about 380 lbs right now in total with cooling. I know I could shave 90 pounds off this thing with thinner stainless. So that is what I am going to do.

This tested and working mild steel gas producer is going up for sale July 1, so if you are interested in writing a check and making gas instantly, please contact me. It’s a bid process. Minimum bid would be $3,000 and go up from there. Ben built stuff doesn’t come up for sale often.

Update: High bid currently $4,000 – last day to bid June 30th 

Contact with a higher bid or a backup offer. Thx!

Peter’s Build

Congrats to Peter for sending in this awesome photo of his build!

Free Author Q&A Webinar on June 30th.

If there is a question you have from the new book, please send it in so I can answer it. I will post it in the new book owners area when its done. After that I am taking the summer to get caught up on my land work and won’t be easily reached.

Book Update

Books have now shipped, look for those coming to you soon.

The book is now available on Amazon-

Price goes to $59 July 5th. Get your copy now for $47 at the link above.

A review is greatly appreciated

I try to go the extra mile for you guys because of the positive feedback I got from the first book and this one is way better. Huge thanks to everyone that reviewed book 1 and a big thank you to everyone that reviews book 2!

Final call on a BBQ?

I made the offer to host a Charity BBQ at the end of this October and got no response, so I am going to ask one more time. A minimum of 20 really engaged people need to get back to me by the 4th of July. Tickets are $40 and the proceeds will benefit a technical college making a gasifier. I have hosted free events and they suck, so if the price is a barrier, I won’t bother.

I want people who are invested, not just looking to be entertained for a few hours. When people show up to a gasifier event with no wood or no charcoal, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Email me if you want to get your grill on.

Vibrating motors

Vibrate hoppers and sifting devices. I have a couple dozen vibrating motors I found in my stash that I can part with. Don’t wait. When they are gone I’m not restocking. These cost $50 each in bulk (qty. 200) and retail for $250. I’m selling 2 for $100 (at cost), but there is no warranty. This is a garage sale item. Use the link below to purchase.

I hope your summer is going well. Talk soon.




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