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Standard Refund Policy

We provide a 30 day refund period provided the books/materials are returned to us in “like new” condition ready for resale. Damaged corners, bent pages and dirty fingerprints will not be accepted. Thanks.

500% Money Back Builder’s Guarantee

Our Builder’s Guarantee is for those of you that take action and build. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

You have up to one year’s time to build your machine to the book’s standards. Please don’t modify the design. Document your build with photos and notes so that if there is a problem we can identify where you went wrong and try to recommend a way to fix it. Test your machine for 40 hours on chunky wood. The machine does NOT take rice husks, bark, pellets and other low grade biomass. IT TAKES CHUNKY WOOD AS SPECIFIED IN THE BOOK. It doesn’t take coal, tires or municipal solid waste either.

Document your hearth sizing, feedstock, moisture content, start and stop times and any problems you encounter and we can use that log to diagnose problems and address them properly.

If, after that process, you aren’t totally and completely satisfied, (better chance getting struck by lightning) you will get 5 times your money back. The risk is all on us and our work delivers. Your satisfaction guaranteed. If you make an honest effort, you will get positive results.