Rocket Stoves and Gasifier Parts Update

Rocket Mass Heater

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Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a type of small gasifier called a rocket stove that is great for heating, simple and affordable to build. Paul Wheaton and the gang over at are doing a Kickstarter offering a 4 DVD set of plans. IT ENDS IN 7 DAYS.

Here is the link:

Gasifier parts

We are sold out of kits for now. I am in the middle of yet another move (120 lbs lighter this time) and can’t take delivery of any pallets of parts at the moment. Some folks are interested in stepping up to supply laser cut parts like grates. Maybe some of you guys could take this part of the gasifier supply chain over and each become a supplier of a specific part?

I supply parts more as a convenient courtesy than as a revenue generator.

Here is a message from a gentlemen that can get a good price on bulk grates:

  • Message: Have looked into having a stainless steel grate made. cost $100. Can get 64 made for $16.50 ea. Are you interested in group purchases?
  • Name: Dana Waletzki
  • Email:  (only contact if very serious)
  • Message: Forgot to mention I found an already made jet using ss hog waterer tips, just needed to cut end off and drill out. Found in scrap yard. : )

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