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Hey everyone, we just added a new section to the Book Owners resource area. Scroll down to the bottom for tool recommendations, direct links to parts online and testing equipment. Converting to metric is on the to-do list, but it will require more time.

book give away

Woodgas Books

We just revamped our book review area with a new rating system, so a review would be appreciated. To sweeten the deal Ben is holding a contest from now until October 15th to give away two out of print WWII wood gasifier books from the old Biomass Energy Foundation that have been in his library. These are used books, but they are in pretty decent condition.

The titles are:

Generator Gas: The Swedish Experience

Driving on Wood

To have a chance to win one of these rare books, then please submit a review at:

On October 15th we will have a drawing and two lucky woodgassers will get these WWII books. Shipping included anywhere in the world.

So please leave a review and you are automatically entered in the drawing.

Thanks for reading!

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