“Learn the ‘weird trick’ I use to make Free motor fuel from wood scraps

… It’s like having my own private fuel station (safe at home)”

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(Watch him build and test a gasifier before your eyes)

Who else wants energy independence?

Now you too can learn the lost art of wood gasification. Turn free wood chunks from your own property into motor fuel in only minutes using a wood gasifier. This unique technology has saved millions of families during times of war and crisis, will it save yours?

Give yourself the ability to unplug from petro at a moments notice. Give yourself the security of your own wood-to-fuel refinery, you’ll be glad you did.

Wood gasifier prepper


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Recent Reviews

I have been studying wood gas, and building gasifiers for years. I have stacks of books, and plans, this is the best plans I have seen. Ben hit a home run with this book. It is an easy, very good read.
– A.J.

I really enjoy the video tutorial explain everything step by step!
I am a visual and that why i bought that digital book and video!
Its really well done just can’t wait to build my own !
Thank you very much for that novel.
– Martin Gelinas

Great books and videos Ben! I think anyone with basic mechanical skills could build one. It is nice to have some key parts available too.

I am really looking forward to building one of these. After all, what’s a good home project without your local Fire Department involved? LOL

Kidding aside, I want to go with some advanced arduino modules for fuel feed automation on mine. I’m hoping there will be a forum so we can share ideas.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than having my neighbors say “What the heck is that???”

PS I think you are a stainless steel Junkie LOL : )

– Brit C.

Ben, I Travel around and see very many interesting ideas people come up with to use in times of need. I am so thankful that you have taken the time to put together this great book to help me and others like me to get through any type of situations we may encounter in the future. Keep up the great work.
– Trucker

Prepare to be amazed at the unseen energy potential locked in wood.

Its not just for your fireplace any more.

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