Mustang Project Update

Hey, I just wanted to give you an update on my last minute addition to the book. It’s coming together beautifully but a little slower than first thought (what else is new) Check out these pictures of the Mustang conversion.

For you guys looking for a welder recommendation, this is the new inverter welder I got. It runs good and it’s better equipped to handle the power spikes from a generator. It has a simple display that helps you set the machine to the right amperage and wire speed. Perfect for beginner welders. This cost $1249.

I used tanks again. They are a little heavy, but the price is right. I may upgrade to thin stainless in the future.

This is the uniquely shaped reactor I developed. It’s an updraft design with 3 jets.

I found some old stainless high pressure flanges to use as jets. They are heavy duty to hold up to the intense heat.

I added heat fins on the lids to give the surface more cooling area and as a visual cue that this is HOT.


This is the gas exit tube running through a water tank. Combined they form a boiler to drive steam into the air jacket and crack it into hydrogen over the charcoal bed.

Inserting the ledge that holds the filter candle. The tank was egg shaped so I clamped it round again.

Finding the spot for the gas exit tube.

Laying out the cooler. Where did my ground clearance go?

Here is the primed version of the machine before test fit.

I’m bringing gas into the intake through the original air filter housing via bypass loop (for now) and using the old carburetor (no gasoline) as the throttle control.

Thanks for reading! More information is being added to the book and it’s going to be awesome!