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Problems receiving your product?

Please have your receipt handy (with date of purchase) and the email you used when you purchased. That way we can look it up and get your book mailed to you.

IF you lose your download because of hard drive crash or similar, then a $25 fee will be charged to resend it. Thank you.

Tech support/ Contacting the author

Ben is one of the world’s leading experts and innovators in the field of renewable fuels. As such he is very busy and his time is in high demand. A 30 minute consult by phone or email is $300 and requires some lead time for scheduling.

Most, if not all, tech support problems can be resolved by:

  1. Reading the book.
  2. Following directions.
  3. Using cardboard and common sense to make templates and fit them together.
  4. Google it! You have the whole damned world at your finger tips. USE IT!
  5. Actually building a gasifier.

Ben is no longer offering free tech support via email. After 10 years and 10,000+ communications, it has proven to be an expensive (for Ben) use of time. If it’s important enough to stop Ben from working, it’s important enough to pay for. NO EXCEPTIONS

All current and future tech support requests will receive a quote for a private consult in return.


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