Combined Heat and Power + Updates

Check out this heat exchanger setup I built. Some of you guys were asking for this type of upgrade. I hope you enjoy it.

CHP Build

The gas flows from the gasifier into the center of the circle (manifold) and flows down the tubes (15ft) to a lower manifold. The heat penetrates outward into the water jacket heating about 25 gallons of water, but that can be expanded with a second tank. I insulated around the edge to keep heat in and left the top uninsulated so I can use it as a cooktop harnessing the waste heat.

I used stainless tube (1/16″wall)  to construct a radiant heat exchanger for the greenhouse and bleed off the last of the heat. This is 40 feet of tubing to get the gas nice and cold. The more tubing the better, as long as its diameter is large enough. This is 2″ tube. One side I welded and one side I used sanitary clamps as an example. I love those clamps. Cuts down on welding and they always fit square. Easy to clean out too!

This is the completed CHP assembly for my greenhouse. There is a hot cooktop, hot water for showers and thermal mass, plus radiant heating that will be covered in thermal mass as well. It’s coming out pretty good. It still needs to be connected to the filter

Celebrating Community Builders

Trevor in Canada sent in this picture of his build some months ago:

And Byron in the Yukon did a video review of the book showing off his build.

And Peter in BC just got his fired up!

Craig did a modified build and posted a video.

2nd Edition of the Book?

I’m thinking about putting out a second edition of the Builder’s Bible. I may include this CHP setup in the upgrade section if we can get the file size small enough. I would like to take much of what’s digitally available in the builder area and add it along with some new goodies. An expanded edition might include:

  • Assembly schematics
  • CHP upgrade
  • Gasifier history & theory (brief)
  • The hearth golden ratio formula
  • Gas volume ranges
  • Metallurgy and metal selection
  • Updated part numbers and suppliers
  • Tool recommendations
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ
  • Maximizing thermal efficiency
  • Victory Hearth upgrade
  • Gas composition and wood conversion numbers
  • etc.

If I do an updated version of the book, previous customers will get a steep discount.

But Frankly…We need More Amazon Reviews on a New Book.

Your positive feedback is what keeps me engaged in this passion project. As it stands now the first edition is out of print on Amazon and with the sheer volume of spam and email support requests (my inbox is not a google search bar) this passion project is becoming more costly than beneficial. People expect alot of personal support for their book purchase and with thousands of readers we are reaching a breaking point. I’m always excited to see new builders build, but I have other projects that require my attention too.

I’m willing to do one last update to the book if there is enthusiastic support and a commitment on your part to leave some glowing reviews on Amazon when it comes out.

If you want to be the first to get a .pdf review copy of a 2nd edition for dirt cheap and offer feedback, then enter your email below. I will decide based on the volume of interest what happens next.


Project X

Part of the reason I need more of my time back is that I am working on a secret project. I think it’s going to be a game changer. I don’t want to spill too many details right now, but you may see me on your local nightly news in a few months. More on that in a future email.