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Simple DIY wood gasifier plans that won’t break the bank and don’t compromise performance are finally here in step by step detail. Now you can make energy at night, during the winter, when the sun isn’t shining and when the wind doesn’t blow. This is the reliable energy source that completes your off-grid plans.

Read feedback from the new book the Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible

Have you read the book too? Leave your review below. Based on your feedback we have added more valuable information to the book owners area as well, so don’t miss that. A metric version of these wood gasifier plans are coming in the near future.

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Steve U. (WA)

Steve U. (WA)

I am on my third read through of the new Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible book that I bought from Ben Peterson for silver. Why silver, because I only trade value for value. This is real value.

When I want to master a new field of information I immerse myself into it. That’s why I have well over 1000 hours of woodgas operating on at least 12 different system types matched to at least 20 different engine platforms. Going out in the world and operating others systems hammered into me the importance of a systems heats/flows/balancing, insulation and grate design. I have with much blood, sweat and tears crafted myself to be a woodgas system operating expert.

My library has just about every wood gasification book you can get your hands on. From free downloads that cost $30 in ink to print on loose sheets, to archival quality books that run up to $180. I have an original gasification book that pre-dates the German invasion during WWII and books that teach you very well how to drive on wood, so I am uniquely able to compare Ben’s book to the established literature.

The first thing that sticks out is the sheer volume of pictures. As many as any several books combined. And typeface that is large and so easy to read you could enjoy the book by candle light. Why is that important? Because if you build with “free” garbage can plans and kitchen strainers you are going to foul up your generator and be right back in the dark! Ben has walked the path and he sees your way forward better than you do. He’s looking out for you.

The gas producer is the highlight reel of his build experiences. I see influences from at least 5 different gasifier systems woven together in a seemless, sturdy, thick DIY propane tank design that will save you time and money. Lot’s of engine knowledge in the Electronic Carburetor book too.

The book gives you at least FOUR of his patent level 21st century woodgas system upgrades. It shows you in patient, clearly pictured step-by-step detail all of the sequenced hidden welds to make up an advanced five walled heat conserving and recycling gasifier hearth system. Nowhere else in book form will you get this. He even shares his “best in the world” Victory active grating system with it’s char-gentle, unique, three piece sifter-action linkage.

This is a sane, sensible, solid design you can count on, unlike some of the youtube woo-woo stunting crapola! That’s the problem with youtube. You get your 5 minutes of video, but you don’t see the 5 hours of engine repair. There ARE a handful posting-up there with good systems out of the thousands. How would you ever know which is which without getting your hands on some char?

I see a design that is thermal-chemically very balanced and adaptable for the widest range of engine usages. Home generators, tractor saddle mounted and mid sized power equipment (think sawmill). It is designed to be built in a home garage shop. He gives you a three level tool list and his own proven supplier sources by NAME.

I am now buying extra copies to gift to all of my true off-grid and solar friends to fill promises I made years ago. That day has finally come thanks to Ben’s gift of knowledge and experience in this DIY book system. Thank you for this gift Ben. And to any one reading this… BUY THIS BOOK!

Washington State Steve Unruh
Woodgas contributor to: Drive On Wood, MicroCogen, the old Victory community site, Lister Engine Group, and GEK Owners forum.

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This is what people are saying about the Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible:

This is an amazingly valuable book. Ben has boiled down his many years of R&D into a very well written book that makes it clear how anyone can make a wood gasifier. Thank you Ben! I’m particularly interested in this concept because the work I do is focused on ways to compost materials (including wood chips) while capturing heat from the process. So with this gasifier any farm/homestead that has a few acres of forest can make all their own fuel for hot water/winter heat and electricity/transport, out of one simple sustainable easy-to-harvest renewable resource: solar power contained in wood.

Wow. Thank you Ben. I know you’ve had your ups and downs over the years with the research and blood/sweat/tears you’ve invested. Thank you for your perseverance and for making this resource available to us.

Gaelan Brown
Author of the Compost Powered Water Heater

I have to say it is an honor and a privilege to able to review Ben’s plans. Keep in mind I am one of Ben’s competitors, so this really is a privilege. This is a straightforward approach with zero guess work to building a high quality gasifier from what I can see. Not only that but the advanced features and build techniques are the stuff we manufactures are using today. These types of systems are a must and Ben lays all this out for you.

Only few have done what Ben has done in this book. I am one those people, I have not created a book; however, I have created our manufacturing plans and built our manuals. This is a lot of work!!

Get the book, get the parts and build a gasifier that will work and provide the builder a great sense of accomplishment. Plus you are getting something that has been fully developed and will work if you build it.

Again in my opinion this a great book, at a steal of a price and will for sure live up to its name.


Matt Ryder
CEO Vulcan Gasifier LLC

This is the book I’ve been waiting for. I have followed wood gasification since the 2009 Victory woodgas BBQ. Seeing is believing! Going off grid is a key part of my retirement plan. And gasification is a key part of my off grid plan. There is no one I trust more than Ben for this information. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed manual. My hats off!

David P.
Track Engineer, BN Santa Fe

Hey Ben I was running the generator today and admiring the electronic carburetor. It was really just ingenious how you set up the whole system. I’m also super impressed with the run time of the gasifier. My kubota 3 cylinder purrs like a kitten- the carb balances the air/woodgas ratio perfectly. I probably have 7 solid hours of Generator run time on one batch of wood chips / charcoal bed.

You truly have something special here, I pray others can benefit from your dedication to this underrated technology!

Godbless sir –

David, Victory Owner

Well done on the book bro! The design is so advanced and yet so simple. You literally spelled out every step.

Ever since we graduated welding school back in the day, I have always been impressed by your fab skills. You care about quality like no one else I know.
I’m going to build one of these wood gasifiers for my dad’s ranch. He has so much wood. It’s going to be fun. This is the ultimate off grid tool. Make the trip over the mountain and see if our work passes muster 🙂

Issac S.
Underwater welder, Gulf coast

Well done. This takes wood gasifier design to the next level. Very high quality and well thought out.

R. MacGregor

This is the best DIY wood gasifier plan available! Great book. Easy to fabricate and quality most manufactured machines can’t touch. Well done. I am getting extra copies for gifts.

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