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Ben Peterson and his commercial Victory Grid line

No one knows this path better than Ben

“When I got started in wood gasification it was because I learned that the housing market was going to crash and take down the economy. I moved my family onto a 20 acre farm in 2007 in the middle of nowhere and started looking for answers to becoming fully self sufficient before Great Depression 2.0. After alot of searching I came to discover “wood gas” was the perfect energy source for the cloudy Pacific Northwest and all my wood piles.

Unfortunately the designs at that time were terrible. Mostly junk. I was excited when I made gas, but I quickly learned that not all gas is equal. Some gas is full or tar and not suitable for engines. Free plans are worth what you pay for them. Thanks FEMA!


Demonstration at a live event.

So I set out on a mission to rediscover the lost knowledge of wood gasification and update it with modern technology when necessary. What started out as a weekend project turned into a 10 year endeavor. I literally built hundreds of machines in thousands of variations to look for a better way. Garbage can tinker projects rapidly evolved into building systems for individuals, small countries, energy companies and even Billionaires.


2009 Award Winner

I have earned awards, media mentions and accolades for my work. But the biggest prize is the knowledge itself. I learned alot along the way. That’s why I put these books together so you could get the best of that knowledge without the struggle. I made it as simple and affordable as the process allows. Now it’s up to you to make use of it. Enjoy the journey.”

One of Ben’s early gasifiers made it on TV!

National Geographic Channel


Author presentation from the book launch

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