Ready To Go Off Grid For Good? The Secret Is… Wood!

Fuel Back-up Electric Generators for Free With “Wood Gas”

(Turn wood into biogas. 60 second video explains how)


How it works in 2 simple steps

Step 1: Wood to Gas

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 8.36.39 PM

Step 2: Gas to Electricity

This is a wood gasifier

It’s a machine that turns wood into a clean burning biogas called “wood gas”

Fuel back up generators and farm equipment. Heat greenhouses.

The technology has been around for more than 150 years. It’s helped nations industrialize. It’s powered families through war and depression. Wood gasification sustainably powers villages in remote areas and much more.

Leave the rat race and live in peace. If you have a pioneering spirit and desire to be free, then this technology is for you.

Want to build one? We have detailed plans!


Download Our Free Report & Study Schematics

Wood Gasification Report

What can Wood Gas do for you?

  • – Fuel electric generators
  • – Pump well water during outages
  • – Reliable solar backup power
  • – Heat greenhouses with thick wood chips
  • – Gas up old tractors and trucks
  • – Go off grid
  • – Stick it to the power company!

7 Benefits of Wood Gasification

1] Makes heat and power
2] Works day or night/ summer or winter
3] Made from free wood
4] 5 minutes to gas production (not days)
5] Make it on your own property
6] War time tested (WWII)
7] A viable alternative to petro fuels


How Does it Work? The Secret is Carbon

a3iCrSK57hVSreQz1Met7hdfThe best analogy for a gasifier? A gasifier is like the catalytic converter on a car. The catalytic converter in your car takes heat from the engine exhaust and when its hot enough the platinum catalyst inside becomes reactive. Reactive means that it can change the chemistry of the molecules around it. In this case the converter breaks down emissions into simple gases.



A wood gasifier is a giant catalytic converter. Only instead of platinum, it uses carbon, the world’s cheapest catalyst. Carbon or charcoal as we call it commonly is the catalyst that breaks down wood oils into clean biogas. As air enters (a well designed) gasifier it heats up the charcoal (carbon) and at temperatures of 1000 C or more it is reactive enough to break wood gases and oils down into simple elemental bio-gases like hydrogen for use as clean burning fuel for electric generators and other spark ignited engines.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.33.39 AMWe use wood chunks in the gasifier because CHUNKS MAKE THE BEST CARBON! Wood is a miracle of nature. Stored sunlight composed of the perfect ratio of oils and carbon needed for refining. Wood is a self refining feedstock, crunching under your feet, for free.


Wood Gas Digital Collection- Downloads


Turn wood into free fuel

Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible E-book


Download the pdf version to your computer.

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Wood Gasifier Build Video Download

Watch a wood gasifier being built in color with author commentary.

A great companion to the book. Download the video.

Wood Gasifier 2D CAD Files & Assemblies

Beautiful assembly drawings in pdf and 2D CAD flat part files for CNC cutting.

Inch & metric. Download zipped files.

Engine Conversion Digital Collection- Downloads

Convert engines to run on woodgas

Make engines run on woodgas

Electronic Carburetor Workshop E-book

Download the pdf version to your computer.

Print out copies if you like. Instant access!

Electronic Carburetor Build Video Download

Watch an Electronic Carburetor being built in color with Author commentary.

A great companion to the book. Download the video.

Electronic Carburetor Software Code 

Download the Arduino app to use the code.

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