Land owners: Power outages? Going off grid?

Turn tree branches into generator fuel and NEVER PAY FOR POWER AGAIN! 

(60 second video explains)

Start generating 10, 15, or even 20 kilowatts of electricity! 

“Stick it” to the power company once and for all! This is the ultimate form of energy insurance and yes, IT WORKS!

Study schematics



Learn the lost art of wood gasification

Make free bio-fuel in minutes, using just wood chunks and this unique device…

Gasifiers, the silent guardians of civilization. For the last 150 years gasifiers have provided fuel when people needed it most. Gasifiers provided the first gas to light towns during the Industrial Revolution. They fueled farm equipment for struggling farmers during the Depression. 1 million installations during WWII, saving Europe. Gasifiers were revived during the OPEC embargo and again during the financial crash as people head back to the land seeking freedom and stability.

The only liberties left are found off grid. Join the movement to preserve freedom and a natural way of life. Build a wood gasifier.


Make clean abundant fuel for engines and heating gas

(with just sticks and mud puddle water)


Wood Gasifier Book Store

Step by step construction plans. Make free fuel gas & convert engines

Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible

Turn wood into free motor fuel


New! Second Edition

On Amazon for $59

Turn Wood Into Motor Fuel and Achieve Energy Freedom

This is a builders manual for the construction of an improved WWII type wood gasifier. What is here is one of the most detailed photographic DIY builds you will find anywhere. Build a safe solid wood gasifier the first time, using mostly local parts and resources.

  • – Clear step-by-step instructions, 280 pgs.
  • – 400+ pictures, tool list & material list
  • – Part drawings & measurements
  • – Schematics & sizing charts
  • – Tips and more…

Design features you will love:

  • Hands-free automation with active flow grate technology
  • Advanced heat recycling, air pre-heating & insulation
  • High suction blower for fast starts and clean gas
  • 12 volt design for global use
  • Safety features like safe touch and release lid
  • Designed with affordable, rugged local materials
  • Weldable with mig, tig and stick welders
  • Compact for mobility

Electronic Carburetor Workshop

Convert & automate engines for wood gas


Electronic Carburetor Workshop- Sample

Electronic Carburetor Book

On Amazon for $59

Engine Conversion: Run Your Electric Generator on Free Woodgas

This is an engine conversion and automation workshop. We converted a propane electric generator to run on either wood gas or propane. Then, since it made AC power, we built a simple control system for the air-fuel ratio to keep the engine speed stable. Done using off the shelf parts and a little elbow grease.

  • – Clear step-by-step instructions, 118 pgs.
  • – 200+ pictures
  • – Part drawings & measurements
  • – Software code, material list
  • – Tips and more…

Revolutionary design:

  • Controls biogas air fuel ratio electronically
  • Hands free automation
  • Uses off the shelf parts like Arduino and an O2 sensor
  • Simple 12 volt electronics
  • Weather resistant design
  • Scalable for various applications
  • Simple copy and paste code
  • Extend your engine’s life


Get the books that builder’s use

“I would like to thank you so much for the plans. My generator started immediately the very first time!”  Byron

“The first thing that sticks out is the sheer volume of pictures. As many as any several books combined.” Steve

“You guys are awesome. Great material. Can’t say enough about your products. Well put together. Easy to follow.” Dave




Digital Files

Wood Gas Mastery: Download Our Complete Digital Library in Minutes

This is the complete course if you want to go from “wood to watts.”

Learn how to build a quality gasifier the first time. Then learn how to convert and automate engines to run on “wood gas.” Watch it on video, then read about it in the books and study the files that come with to help you in your build. If you want to do it fast, cheap and right the first time, then get this builder’s library.

NOTE: These are large 2 gb digital files that require a good stable internet connection and PATIENCE. All the downloads are good. If you are having problems it’s likely your internet connection. Try again a bit later or from a different internet terminal. Thanks!

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We provide a receipt, but we don’t do custom invoicing. This stuff is self service priced (cheap). If it requires Ben’s attention it will incur additional fees. See the contact page for rates.

The Complete & Updated Library


Start reading today and start building tomorrow 

Includes instant access to these individual files: 

  • Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible $37 value
  • Electronic Carburetor Workshop $52 value
  • Wood Gasifier Build Video $39 value
  • Engine Conversion Video  $44 value
  • 2D Flat CAD Files for Laser Cutting $57 value
  • Electronic Carburetor Software Code (incl. w/book) $10 value

A total value of $239.