Learn the “Lost Art” of Wood Gasification

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Gasifiers, the silent guardians of civilization

For the last 150 years gasifiers have provided fuel when people needed it most. Gasifiers provided the first gas to light towns during the Industrial Revolution. They fueled farm equipment for struggling farmers during the Depression. 1 million installations during WWII, saving Europe. Gasifiers were revived during the OPEC embargo and again during the financial crash as people head back to the land seeking freedom and stability.



Fuel Electric Generators | Heat Greenhouses | Solar Backup

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From tree branches to electricity in 3 simple steps

How do you make electricity without a power grid? How do you fuel electric generators without petroleum? The answer is the age old technology of wood gasification. Transform tree branches into clean bio-fuel in minutes and go off grid for good!.


Wood Gasifiers have so many off grid uses!

Without a doubt, the most useful tool for comfort and productivity off grid is a wood gasifier. Make heating fuel and hot water. Make electrical power and fuel farm equipment. Produce activated carbon for home use or for sale. The possibilities are endless. So the only question left is: “GOT WOOD?”


65 Mustang  Conversion Project

What if we built a hydrogen producing, steam cracking charcoal gasifier and somehow shoved it in the trunk of this old classic, making it a total alt fuel sleeper? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, I decided to do just that. In the 2nd edition I have a chapter dedicated to the build and conversion of this old muscle car. Best of all, I didn’t have to cut any sheet metal. Will the trunk paint survive the heat? Tune in to find out.



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Do you ever feel like the power company is a vampire, draining the life blood from your wallet?

And now with smart meters, spying on your home habits and selling the data to corporations! I felt that way too until I finally moved off grid, but it wasn’t easy. Solar is not enough. Then I found wood gas. Now I make power any time, day or night.