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Are you looking for an affordable and reliable source of fuel for off grid living?

Would you like to save thousands of dollars on your power bills in the coming years?

Do you worry about extended power outages and civil unrest?

Would you like to make activated charcoal so you can filter your water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I encourage you to start researching wood gas as a potential fuel source that you can make at home in minutes using dry branches from your own property.

“Watch Me Fuel an Electric Generator With Free Wood Gas”

Got 20 Minutes?  Learn How Wood Gasification Can Set You Free From the Power Grid

Meet the Author

In this video from the 2014 book launch I explain in detail: how gasification works, it’s history, the build process, engine conversion, answer common questions and more.

Since the release of the book, 10,000 readers have started their journey toward energy freedom.

There is no feeling in the world like the feeling you get when you make wood gas for the first time. You will grin from ear to ear and laugh with delight at all of the new possibilities. Become the neighborhood genius and torch bearer in times of darkness.

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Inside you will get:

> Study schematics

> Flow diagram

> Tool list

> Build budgets

> Wood to power conversion

> FAQ’s

Once you have watched the videos above and read the report be sure to scroll down and look at our collection of educational materials to guide you step by step on your wood gasifier build.

Best Selling Wood Gasifier Plans

“10 years worth of knowledge taught in simple easy-to-follow books & videos”

Wood Chunks - Make Wood Gas - Wood Gas Makes Power

3 Simple Steps

A modern classic

In the book you get:

  • 188 pages of step-by-step instructions in large print
  • 300+ photos
  • Parts sketches
  • Sizing charts
  • Tool list, materials and suppliers
  • 3 simple words that get you massive discounts on parts and welding work
  • 1 weird place to find a fabricator to build it for you

Ready to master wood gas? Make your own energy no matter what with these step-by-step plans

Advanced design features:

  • Hands-free automation with active flow grate technology
  • Advanced heat recycling, air pre-heating & insulation
  • High suction blower for fast starts and clean gas
  • 12 volt design for global use
  • Safety features like safe touch and release lid

Build with rugged, simple materials like $100 propane tanks and pipe fittings usually available locally.


Engine Conversion & Automation

The missing piece of the puzzle has now been invented and shared

Electronic Carburetor

Electronic Carburetor

Wood gas burns at a 1:1 air fuel ratio, much different than petro fuels. So its always been a problem to convert engines over to wood gas and have smooth automated operation for AC currents that require steady engine rpm.

Now you can use simple electronics and an O2 sensor to automate your air fuel ratio. It’s called an Electronic Carburetor. We show you how in the book. Plus you are going to learn the right way to dual fuel an engine, in this case a propane/natural gas electric generator. Switch between wood gas and petro fuels with ease.

Breakthrough Technology

In the book you get:

  • 118 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 200+ photos
  • Large print
  • Parts sketches
  • Materials and suppliers
  • Tool list
  • Air fuel ratio
  • Computer code
  • Tips, tricks and wisdom that will help you avoid mistakes

Learn to convert engines to multi-fuel use, then automate the air-fuel mixture for wood gas

Revolutionary design:

  • Controls biogas air fuel ratio electronically
  • Hands free automation
  • Uses off the shelf parts like Arduino and an O2 sensor
  • Simple 12 volt electronics
  • Weather resistant design
  • Scalable for various applications
  • Simple copy and paste code
  • Extend your engine’s life

The Complete 2 Step Solution

“Save thousands on your energy bills and become the power company”

Author signed books


Hey Guys,


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Wood Gas Digital Collection- Downloads


Turn wood into free fuel

Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible E-book


Download the pdf version to your computer.

Print out copies if you like. Instant access!

Wood Gasifier Build Video Download

Watch a wood gasifier being built in color with author commentary.

A great companion to the book. Download the video.

Wood Gasifier 2D CAD Files & Assemblies

Beautiful assembly drawings in pdf and 2D CAD flat part files for CNC cutting.

Inch & metric. Download zipped files.

Engine Conversion Digital Collection- Downloads

Convert engines to run on woodgas

Make engines run on woodgas

Electronic Carburetor Workshop E-book

Download the pdf version to your computer.

Print out copies if you like. Instant access!

Electronic Carburetor Build Video Download

Watch an Electronic Carburetor being built in color with Author commentary.

A great companion to the book. Download the video.

Electronic Carburetor Software Code 

Download the Arduino app to use the code.

Digital Bundle Deal $147

Get instant access to our complete digital library of books, videos, 2D CAD and software. Start reading today and start building tomorrow. Include: 2 e-books, 2 videos, 2D flat CAD, Software Code (1.7gb) All 6 files.

 Download the complete library here

Customer & Community Feedback

Wood Gasifier + Converted Engine Based on the Books

Wood gasifier and engine system

Go off grid with confidence. Live in peace.


I would like to thank you so much for the plans. My generator started immediately the very first time! I couldn’t believe it! I turned the gas line off listened for the engine to start dying then I introduced wood gas and tweaked the air and away it went. That was three days ago and you still can’t wipe the smile of my face. Yesterday I ran it again this time it started on the third pull off of Woodgas from a cold start!

This is a huge game player in our off grid life. We’re developing our farm. Lots of building to go. Including our main house, barn, chicken coupe on and on. Know as I mill material I can feed the gasifier to power my power tools, charge batteries, and run the farm during construction off of the scraps produced everyday.

I hope sometime I have the pleasure to personally shake your hand and thank you. You make it so easy to get into wood gas, saving me hours of frustration.

Living with energy independence, in the Yukon, your friend,

I built your gasifier after I purchased your book & videos. It turned out pretty good, and works great. I built it mostly just with the tools I already had…

– Warren



Community Feedback

Gaelans BookThis is an amazingly valuable book. Ben has boiled down his many years of R&D into a very well written book that makes it clear how anyone can make a wood gasifier. Thank you Ben!…

Gaelan Brown
Author of the Compost Powered Water Heater



Vulcan gasifier

I have to say it is an honor and a privilege to able to review Ben’s plans. This is a straightforward approach with zero guess work to building a high quality gasifier from what I can see. Not only that but the advanced features and build techniques are the stuff we manufacturers are using today…

Matt Ryder
CEO Vulcan Gasifier LLC


You guys are awesome. Great material. Can’t say enough about your products. Its well put together and easy to follow.
Can’t beat the value either. I would equal your product to a course put out by my local college.
Customer service was great too. Answered all of my questions and always responded quickly.
Its been a pleasant experience in doing business with you.

I did a lot of research on woodgas but was discouraged about building a gasifier until I read the Wood Gasifier’s Builder’s Bible and watched the companion video. (I was so happy I bought the Carburator Workshop book and video also!) The excellent visual descriptions gave me the confidence to pursue building a system for electricity generation. The books and videos together gave me the understanding about how a gasifier system is designed, which I was missing in the technical journals that I had been reading from the Internet. I look forward to reading more from Ben Peterson on the subject – performance enhancements, CHP add-ons, feedstock preparation (a screwchipper build perhaps?)… Thanks!

Trevor S.

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I am on my third read through of the new Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible… The first thing that sticks out is the sheer volume of pictures. As many as any several books combined. And typeface that is large and so easy to read you could enjoy the book by candle light. Why is that important? Because if you build with “free” garbage can plans and kitchen strainers you are going to foul up your generator and be right back in the dark! Ben has walked the path and he sees your way forward better than you do. He’s looking out for you.

I am now buying extra copies to gift to all of my true off-grid and solar friends to fill promises I made years ago. That day has finally come thanks to Ben’s gift of knowledge and experience in this DIY book system. Thank you for this gift Ben. And to any one reading this…BUY THIS BOOK!

Washington State Steve Unruh
Woodgas contributor to: Drive On Wood, MicroCogen, the old Victory Wood Gasifier Community site, Lister Engine Group, and GEK Owners forum.

People just like you are building too

People just like you are building too

Gasifier builders

Way to go guys!


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