Looking for Off Grid Power?

Run electric generators for pennies per day with WOOD GAS!

Say goodbye to power outages. Start generating 5, 10, 15, or even 20 kilowatts of electricity safe at home. Using sticks from your own back yard, you can: fuel electric generators, heat greenhouses, provide solar power backup & more. 

What could you do with practically free energy?

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Survive World War III and Beyond

Learn the Lost Art of Wood Gasification

The silent guardian of civilization

For the last 150 years gasifiers have provided fuel and power when people needed it most. Set yourself free from the control grid and live in peace and prosperity no matter what the future holds.


Wood Gasifier Plans for the Serious Builder

Tired of Youtube tinker trash tarring up your engine?

Step by step wood gasifier plans for the home fabricator that knows it costs less to do it right the first time!

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Wood Gasifier Plans

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Free Motor Fuel From Wood

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Blower Kit

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The beating heart of your wood gasifier

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Reader Reviews



– “I am a red seal fabricator welder and I found this book informative and technically sound. However the format makes things understandable in such a way that even a non-trades person could make the final product happen.

– “Very detailed, loving it.”

– “I would like to thank you so much for the plans. My generator started immediately the very first time!”

“Easy to understand and a terrific amount of illustrations. ”

– “This is a great project with a very valuable unit in the end. I’ll admit it was a little more work than I thought at the beginning but we ended up with an amazing gas generator.

– “Perfect for the home fabricator.”

– “I am a member of a ARES/RACES team that, if called upon, would help provide emergency radio communications to our county in the event of a disaster… I looked into multiple ways of keeping the lights on and the radio station up and decided a wood gasifier was my best and most economical option. Of all the gasifiers I studied, Petersen’s is the best documented, best supported and in my estimation, the best quality one for the do-it-yourselfer.”

– “As builder and avid user of Ben’s gasifier design I highly recommend his latest book. I have all of Ben’s books. Such great material. Ben’s latest book ties it all together. For the builders the info is very valuable saving hours trying to dial in a gasifier. For the historian, potential builders, and gasifier enthusiast it’s a must for the collection. I’m not much of a welder or fabricator I found the building directions very easy to follow.”

Author’s 100% GUARANTEE

“The values that build great gasifiers are the same values that build great people and great nations:

Hard work, conviction, risk, growth, curiosity, observation, determination & reason”

– Ben Peterson