Need Power? Got Wood?

Turn tree branches into FREE GENERATOR FUEL with a “Wood Gasifier”

Study Schematics

Survive well when others won’t

Provide reliable power to your family and neighbors in dark times and crisis using just the sticks and branches God placed at your feet.

A wood gasifier is a small scale refinery that gives you the ability to turn wood from your own property into free motor fuel in minutes. The fuel is called “wood gas” and you can use it to make off grid electric power, run farm equipment, heating, hot water and more. It only takes 5-10 minutes to make gas. Gas is produced on demand so it needs no storage.

During WWII 1,000,000 wood & charcoal gasifiers provided fuel when oil and gas weren’t available.

World War III and Beyond

Learn the Lost Art of Wood Gasification

For the last 150 years gasifiers have provided fuel and power when people needed it most. Get way the heck off grid and live in peace and prosperity no matter what the future holds. Proven power for GRID DOWN & SHTF.

The silent guardian of civilization

Western Civilization peaked 20 years ago and now we are declining into terrorism, surveillance, censorship, digital unpersoning, media smears, fake news campaigns and this is just the start to the roller coaster ride. Get ready!

Wood Gasifier Plans for the Serious Builder

Not all gasifiers are created equal! Step by step wood gasifier plans for the home fabricator that knows it costs less to do it right the first time! Don’t be the guy that did nothing to prepare his family when times were still good. Invest in your future today.

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Wood Gasifier Plans

Detailed plans and photos

Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible


Requires welding, basic mechanical and 12 volt wiring skills.

$39.95 on Amazon

Reg $47

  • 288 pages
  • 400+ photos
  • Assembly drawings
  • Tool list
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Sizing charts

>>>Table of Contents 

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Engine Conversion

Wood gas to engine conversion

Electronic Carb Workshop


Requires welding, soldering, programming and 12 volt wiring skills.

$37 on Amazon

Reg $47

  • 188 pages
  • 200+ photos
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Software code

While lot’s of people make plans on building a wood gasifier, it is very rare for anyone to teach you how to connect it to an engine. This book will take you step by step. 

Reader Reviews


4.9 stars


– “I am a red seal fabricator welder and I found this book informative and technically sound. However the format makes things understandable in such a way that even a non-trades person could make the final product happen.

– “I would like to thank you so much for the plans. My generator started immediately the very first time!”

“Easy to understand and a terrific amount of illustrations.”

– “I have built a couple small experimental gasifiers and have the first edition of this book. The author put even more details in the 2nd edition and hides nothing and has taken the mystery out of how they work and how to build one. Anyone with the ability to cut and weld can build one.”

– “Very detailed, loving it.”

– “I am a member of a ARES/RACES team that, if called upon, would help provide emergency radio communications to our county in the event of a disaster… I looked into multiple ways of keeping the lights on and the radio station up and decided a wood gasifier was my best and most economical option. Of all the gasifiers I studied, Petersen’s is the best documented, best supported and in my estimation, the best quality one for the do-it-yourselfer.”

– “As builder and avid user of Ben’s gasifier design I highly recommend his latest book. I have all of Ben’s books. Such great material. Ben’s latest book ties it all together. For the builders the info is very valuable saving hours trying to dial in a gasifier. For the historian, potential builders, and gasifier enthusiast it’s a must for the collection. I’m not much of a welder or fabricator I found the building directions very easy to follow.”

– “This is a great project with a very valuable unit in the end. I’ll admit it was a little more work than I thought at the beginning but we ended up with an amazing gas generator.

– “Perfect for the home fabricator.”

– “If you want to understand how a Gasifyer works, buy this book.
If you want to understand how to build a Gasifyer, buy this book.
If you need a technical guide, with all pictures and dimensions, buy this book.
If at the end of your project if you want a working Gasifyer, buy this book.”

– “This book is truly a step by step gasifier build that is extremely efficient. The calculation (very easy to understand) is also shown to size the gasifier to the motor one plans to use. All parts are easily obtained through Home Depot and other sources. Part numbers are also given to make finding them a breeze. This book is badass!!”


Move Beyond Tinkering to Mastery

Wood Gas Mastery Course

This digital course includes the digital books plus adds videos and flat CAD files to speed up your build. Get the best possible understanding and avoid expensive mistakes.

You will be redirected after purchase to the files and a link will be sent to your email. Check your bulk folder if you don’t see the download link. Problems? 

Complete Digital Library $99 reg $179 save $80

This super sale price ends soon!

Note: These are big files and require good internet and a good computer. If you don’t have either, then please do not order.

Download all now for just $99

(or download individually using the links above)

Here is what you get in Wood Gas Mastery:

The Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible Ebook: Inside this DIY favorite you will learn step by step how to build a wood gasifier. It includes hundreds of photos and illustrations. This is the same book that earned 4.9 stars on Amazon. 288 pages, 400+ photos, Assembly drawings, Tool list, Troubleshooting guide, Sizing charts. 60 mb

Electronic Carburetor Workshop Ebook: Some of the hardest information to find is how to convert engines to run on biogas. AC power requires steady rpm to make clean power so we developed this electronic carburetor to manage the air/fuel ratio automatically. 188 pages, 200+ photos, Step-by-step instructions, Software code. 12mb

CAD files

2D Flat CAD Files for CNC cutting .DXF, .PDF: These are the parts inside the book layed out as flat files for professional metal cutting.

THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY. 128 cutting files & pdf’s + Assembly diagrams. Sorry No 3D model. 2mb

Wood Gasifier Build Video Download: Watch the build process from your computer without getting dirty! This video is a great companion to the book. 45 minutes, 3 files, 700+mb

Electronic Carburetor Build Video Download: Get a look at a complete wood gasifier system. This dual fuel design can switch between wood gas and propane by turning a valve. 40 minutes, 900 mb

Arduino Software Code Download: This is the starter program that was developed to act as the programming brains of the air/fuel ratio controller. 

New to Wood Gas?

Watch this video from the 2014 book launch (first edition)